Unicorn Kisses

A whole lot of kawaii and a bucketful of pervertedness (NSFW) along with ur random smidges of a little bit insane :3 and Wallah! Obsessed with cute things and my sexual orientation is Kinda bisexual with like the majority of that being a lesbian and the part that likes men is mostly like not even guys i actually meet or talk to lol (guys in anime or manga or actors and singers i find attractive) other than that i think men r gross lol so i love Futa penis <3 I'm a 20yr old Female November Scorpio baby , who has a side that i'm not proud of... Yesh i like Shota and futas and i'm a sadist and i have all my other kinks and watknots but heck far as I'm concerned everyone else is weird too , just maybe some weirder than others and weird in different ways , This world is a Melting pot of weird and crazy and a bunch of other nonsense , sometimes u just gotta chill and lay back and watch the clouds go by and the leaves fall...or u'll go even crazier and eventually commit suicide and that my friend is something that is not pretty...
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